Thursday, January 28, 2016

Redirection of Dreams

And just where have you been, young lady?!?!

That's what Blogger said to me when I typed this in.  I heard my mother's voice when I was 19 and came in at 3 in the morning after drinking.  It wasn't pretty. Suddenly I wasn't 53 anymore and I wondered if I had finished my term paper.

I've been lazy.  I've been lazy with this blog and the genealogy blog.  Maybe lazy isn't the right word.  Maybe it comes from the depression.  No sympathy please.  I've been fighting that officially since 1994.  At least we can talk about it now.  I found several drafts from the past few years - not sure why they didn't get posted.  Not sure if I'll go ahead and post them or not.  They're interesting.  I forgot some of the stuff.

Stumpy and I have become famous friends.  I have to say, I quite fancy her.  After nearly 3 1/2 years, we've worked out a system, she and I.  But, and there's always a but, after my partial knee replacement in 2014 (more on that later), the progress that I'd made on walking with a cane had gone out the window and I was limited to a wheelchair.

I have time to write now.  Redirection of dreams.  I don't know what I'm going to do now after 15 years.  Time to reflect and think.  Weigh options and decide which horizon I want to see the sun set from.

Love to you all.

In short - I'm back.

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